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About Meshali

Arkansas native, Texas resident, and frequent world traveler - Meshali Mitchell is a rare find, beautiful soul and visual story teller with a remarkable eye for all things beauty.  Her aesthetic is complemented by a genuine spirit and beautiful heart to love, value and see past the surface to the soul. 

Meshali’s upbringing in the beautiful pines of South Arkansas has cultivated a deep love in her heart for wide open spaces, a desire to slow down and savor life's most precious moments.  Most days, you can find her sippin' coffee, loving on people, and writing out on the porch swing. 

"Hug the hurt, kiss the broken, befriend the lost, love the lonely.” -  This is Meshali’s mantra. As a deep lover of people, empathetic leader and follower of Jesus Christ, she's most passionate about bringing restoration to those which others deem as lost. 

There is a sensitivity and calmness about her artistic approach that has been said to bring ease.  Marked by authenticity, her work freezes time.  Everyone has a story worth hearing and a story worth telling and Meshali's goal is to be a conduit for people to do just that. 

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